Sunday, 12 August 2012

Please Don't Stand In Adam's Way

Andrew Wincott (Adam Macy)

Everyone (Lilian, Ian and Jennifer, to name but three) is telling Adam that they will go mad/top themselves/never smile again should Adam decide to leave Ambridge. Personally, I think Brian's attitude ("he's got two choices – if he won't do the arable, we'll get someone else") is the most sensible, and that's not something I say very often.

On Sunday, Adam has spent the night away and doesn't turn up for work. Ian is afraid he's done something stupid (as if!) but it turns out that he spent the night in a hotel with Pawel, the naughty lad. For the rest of the week, Adam is wracked with guilt and it doesn't help that Pawel obviously enjoyed himself and seems to want to take things further. Adam says that, as Pawel's boss, it was inappropriate behaviour. Should have thought of that earlier, Adam! It will be interesting to see if Adam succumbs to the Ambridge curse of being physically unable to keep a secret. I hope not, as if this gets out, it could be "goodbye Ian" and if that should happen, to whom will people turn for advice, sympathy and a handy shoulder when needed?

As if Adam wasn't moody enough before, his angst has now multiplied manifold. Ian tells him that he will go away with him, if that's what Adam wants – it's all "me, me, me" with Adam and even Jennifer has noticed that he seems troubled. She is stalking her son to catch him alone and bend his ear about leaving, even getting up at the crack of dawn to plead with him.

This drip, drip, drip obviously has its effect, as Adam later tells Ian that he won't leave Home Farm. Ian is surprised (presumably because Adam is considering someone else for once) but Adam says his thoughts of moving were "fantasy" and asks rhetorically "where would we go?" Ah yes, I wondered when someone would ask that. So, things seemed to have sorted themselves out, then, while relaxing in the hot tub, Adam spots Brian's advert in the Echo for an arable manager for Home Farm and goes ballistic.

For God's sake, Adam, what did you expect? You told Brian you wouldn't touch the arable, but it still needs managing, so someone's got to do it. Take a deep breath and get back on the combine – you can always amuse yourself by having your pick of the pickers when you fancy a bit of fun.

Someone else who has been naughty was Kate and we learned that she has been having an affair. It was finding this out that drove Phoebe away and when she had her bad experience in the taxi. "Does she hate me?" asks a contrite Kate. Roy tells her "no" and tactfully refrains from adding "but every other sentient being in the Universe does."

A storyline that is getting on my chimes is that of Vicky's pregnancy and the thought of months of her oohing and aahing fills me with despair, not to mention the way too much information about when she last had a period. At least we've been spared details of the act of procreation, so that's something, I suppose.

Now I know this is going to come as a shock, but Vicky is finding it very hard to keep the news to herself (knock me down with a feather) and she goes public at Phoebe's birthday party, much against Mike's wishes. Reactions range from disbelief (Brian snorts at the news) to delight (Hayley and Phoebe). Vicky exhibits her normal level of tact when she says to Jennifer: "You'll have to give me tips about being an older parent; I'm sure that if you can do it at your age, we can." Bathchair for Mrs Aldridge, please! And a gag for Mrs Tucker, while you're at it.

Another Grundy scam bites the dust when Clarrie finds out they are selling boar burgers illegally at the Cider Club and tells them to stop. Their protests that they are giving the burgers away and charging £3 for the buns cuts no ice and Clarrie makes them give the punters their money back. The fact that Joe has been spending hours in the toilet and complaining about an upset stomach (too much information again) might have given anyone with half a brain cell pause for thought that perhaps eating the meat isn't a good idea. Not the Grundys, however.

Matt is trying – with a singular lack of success - to get an elderly couple out of one of AmSide's properties. The answer? Get Darrell round to give the place a thorough going over and find lots of things wrong that need repairing, so that they will have to move out. Poor Darrell isn't happy, but Elona is pleased, as the extra money means that they can buy daughter Rosa the scooter she wants so much. Darrell is getting in quite deep and, if he isn't careful, he won't be able to extricate himself from Matt's clutches and you never know where it will end – perhaps one day Matt will say to him "I've got these blokes who want a barn burning down – see to it, will you Darrell?"

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