Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Way To Go Peggy!

June Spencer OBE (Peggy Woolley)

Let's hear it for Peggy Woolley, who seems to be the only person who can make Kate shut up and realise what a self-centred, deeply shallow person she is at heart.

Nowhere was this better illustrated than in the story about Kate taking Phoebe for an unauthorised day out of school. When Hayley and Roy received an admonishing letter from the school, they were not happy, to put it mildly. Hayley in fact was spitting feathers and gave Kate a piece of her mind. The words "water off a duck's back" sprang to mind as Kate said "I won't do it again" in her 'whatever' voice.

Later on, however, Peggy rang Kate and gave her an earful. Kate tried to justify herself, saying: "I am her real mother", to which Peggy replied, cuttingly: "Only when it suits you, dear." We knew she had touched a nerve when Kate said "that really hurt, Gran." Did Peggy relent? No way Pedro, as she commented "the truth often does, dear." That's my girl Peggy! Stick the knife in and then twist it – that'll teach the jumped up, selfish madam. Let's have more please, if Kate is going to continue to inflict herself on us and Ambridge.

Congratulations are in order for Jill, who turned 80 and whose tetchy complaining while her children tried to get her to the venue of her surprise party was completely un-Jill-like. She broke down when they revealed themselves and I have to say that, if I were her and had gone away for a nice break in Bath and then found out that the family had joined me, I would probably have cried too.

Well done too to Izzy, who got a 2:1 degree and who seems set to make up for time lost studying, as she practically tripped over her tongue, which was hanging out and drooling over Matthew at the barn dance.

At said dance, gatecrasher Jamie continued to hurtle off the rails and exhibit all the survival skills of a moth in a blast furnace when he had a sniff of the barmaid's apron and then got bolshie with Matthew, who from all accounts is built like a brick outhouse. Sadly, instead of letting Matthew take him apart, Pip went and got David, who took him back to Kathy, lucky her.

Mind you, it had been a hard week for Jamie, as he not only had to help Robert repair the hide, but had to go shopping with him for the materials and pay for them too. This was obviously an ordeal for him as his sighing moved into turbo mode and the assistants at the DIY store could be forgiven for thinking that Darth Vader had dropped in to pick up some 4x2.

Finally, we have an "if only…" moment, when Adam said to Kate "funny how you and I both got the Africa bug." Just think, it could have been Dengue Fever, or Sleeping Sickness… 

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