Sunday, 2 November 2014

Whatever Happened To The Butterfly?

Thecla betulae (Brown Hairstreak)

No doubt about the main story last week, which came to a climax on Friday - Halloween night. Brian was at The Bull and Kenton (dressed as Gomez Addams) was trying to read his Tarot and one card (the Tower, inverted) apparently heralds a big change. This is obviously superfast Tarot, as Brian’s phone immediately rings and it’s Annabelle. Late as it is, Brian says he’s coming round right now.

At Brookfield, David and Rooooth are waiting up for Jill to return from her Bridge lesson. She does so and, while talking about it, they hear a car. It’s Brian, who apologises for the lateness of the hour, but he has news that he cannot give over the phone; Annabelle told him that the Council have made their decision over the new road and their preferred route is Route B. After a few seconds silence, David says in a flat voice: “That’s it then, it’s over. It’s the end for us at Brookfield.” The final episode of the week ends with Jill wailing “No! No!”

Whatever happened to the rare Brown Hairstreak butterfly, I ask myself? I thought that it was the anti Route B protesters’ talisman. Have I missed something? Has Justin Eliot had them (it) removed? Earlier in the week, David and Rooooth had found a nice farm up north, with good grass and, as David told Adam, it has a farmhouse that is bigger and more modern than Brookfield and which, says David, is a nice house. “But is it a home?” asks Adam. Earlier on in the week, David was telling Rooooth that leaving Brookfield could be a chance to start again and a great opportunity. Make your mind up.

So it wasn’t a happy Halloween for those at Brookfield, but there was much celebration elsewhere. Things were rocking at The Bull - as well as Kenton’s Tarot reading, Jolene (Morticia Addams) was reading palms. Someone who wasn’t happy was Fallon, who was annoyed because PC Burns was in there, drinking with Justine. Fallon moans to her Mum - why does he have to come to The Bull to drink? Jolene points out that it’s a free country and, besides, it was Fallon who finished with PCB and she should move on. Later on, when reading PCB’s palm, Jolene ties to tell him that his love life doesn’t look too happy and he should express his emotions more “Like when you sang Annie’s Song”, which was when PCB was serenading Fallon. Keep up the matchmaking Jolene.

As well as Halloween, this was the week of the Hunt Ball at Lower Loxley. Charlie Thomas was there with a stunning-looking girl, Rebecca, and he buttonholes Adam, getting him to have a go on the mechanical rodeo bull and at the horn blowing contest. Adam just wants to talk about next year’s contract, but Charlie is set on having a good time and tells Adam to forget about work for one night. That’s rich, coming from a workaholic. Charlie also tells Adam that Rebecca is his sister.

The Hunt Ball also gave us an insight into the character of Rob Titchener as he exhibited a worrying streak of control freakery. Early in the week, he was annoyed because Helen was holding an early Halloween party for Henry, Susan, George and Keira at Blossom Hill cottage and not, as had been planned, at Ambridge View. He was annoyed because Helen hadn’t told him about the change of plan and predicted that the place would be wrecked. As it turned out, Helen cleared everything up and Rob was grudgingly impressed, until he found a cupcake and other assorted food in the pockets of his dinner jacket, that is. I wouldn’t be surprised if he put them there himself.

On the day of the Hunt Ball, Helen has glammed up and chosen what, from Rob’s reaction, was a stunning, revealing dress. He tells her that it would be more appropriate if they were having a tete-a-tete and she agrees to change, asking him what he’d recommend. Rob bangs on about how it might be cold watching the fireworks and so presumably he chooses a duffel coat, or similar, for her. At the Ball, Helen is telling Justin Eliot about how she and the children found 11 dead pheasants on their walk earlier and it’s because of the increased number of birds needed for the extra shoots he‘s arranged. As Justin goes off, Helen says she’ll get another drink, to which an annoyed Rob suggests that she sticks to mineral water for the rest of the night. Be careful Helen - you’ll be tied up in the kitchen before long if Rob carries on like this.

There was much meddling with the supernatural last week, with Jennifer holding a séance - inspired by one of the books left to her by John Tregorran - with Lilian and Alice, both of who were sceptical. Lilian moved the table for a bit of fun, but the mood changed when knocking was heard - its answers to questions revealed that it was a male, unfriendly spirit. It turned out to be Brian up to mischief and when he appeared suddenly, making moaning noises, the three girls screamed.

At The Bull, Kenton, Jolene and Fallon had an Ouija session, which broke up as the glass (in answer to the question ‘who are you?’) spelled out JOHN TREGO… and Fallon and Jolene left the circle, accusing Kenton of moving the glass. “As if I would” he said in a hurt voice.

Ed was having a moan because he had to dig a new main, as a spring had dried up. Dad Eddie was mystified, as the spring had never before run dry in decades. I wonder if the disappearing spring is going to be a factor in whether or not the new road goes through?


  1. Ahh, I was wondering if someone would pick up the excess water in certain locations and the lack of water in others. Perhaps the butterfly was too obvious, this is the subtle savior...

  2. I did not notice that. Good work!