Sunday, 3 March 2013

Go West, Young Alice

Hollie Chapman (Alice Aldridge)

Susan was bemoaning the fact that Alice is considering the Canada job and, when Chris explains that Alice is fed up with her job, Susan turns philosopher, saying "We all get fed up sometimes – that's life." Neil, predictable as ever, says that she's lucky to have a decent job at all, while Susan concedes that "there's nothing wrong with being ambitious", which begs the question how the hell would she know?

Jennifer confronts Alice, asking "Have you thought this Canada thing through?" No Jennifer, she just stuck a pin in a map of the world. Jen throws herself into finding decorating jobs to be done and Brian complains about her going into overdrive. Actually, Brian is taking his life in his hands, as while Jennifer is trying to dissuade Alice, Brian urges her to "get out there and grab the opportunity with both hands." If Jen knew that, Brian would be toast.

Susan bursts into tears at home, asking Neil how would they get on when grandchildren come along? Nobody seems to have considered the possibility that this situation might split up Chris and Alice, or that she could go to Canada and he could stay in Ambridge. In the shop later on, Susan thinks that Jennifer has encouraged Alice in her ambitions to go to Canada but Jennifer denies this, saying "I can't understand why my daughters think they have to move abroad." The rest of us can, Jennifer, although I for one am mystified that Adam came back from Africa.

The week ended with Alice telling Chris that she is going for the interview and has booked the flight – I hope she's being reimbursed, as money is tight chez Carter. Chris accuses her of going behind his back, which she denies, although coming home with an airline ticket and a copy of "Teach Yourself Canadian" sounds a bit like it to me.

It seems that this is the week for daughters to give their parents grief, as Rooooth is following David around the farm, moaning that she doesn't know what Pip is doing or where she is sleeping. Make the most of it, I say – rent her room out if you can. On Friday, Rooooth does confront Pip (who is on a flying visit to Brookfield, presumably to pick up some clean clothes) and Pip accuses her of 'interrogating' her. As Pip points out, if she was away at university, Rooooth wouldn't know where she was going or what she was doing "which is how it should be." Or to put it another way, butt out, Rooooth.

Paul takes Lilian to see the apartment that he has rented for them both as a love nest and they proceed to christen it as such, Lilian leading the way to the bedroom, clutching a bottle of champagne. Later on, they spend the day at antiques fairs, looking for furniture for their nookie flat. I thought that Lilian was supposed to be busy? However, we learned how she manages to make the time, as she dumps all her work on Brenda, telling her it is the chance for her to take on more responsibility. Brenda isn't impressed and, when Matt returns later, she says that she hasn't been able to do any of her own work. "I hope that includes getting me a coffee" says boss-of-the-year Matt. Luckily for him there are no sharp objects within Brenda's reach.

Poor Brenda, what with all that work and then having to go back home to Tom. He's not a happy bunny, as it was his birthday last week and Pat didn't prepare the usual birthday supper and he and Brenda had to go to the pub. Why is he surprised? If my child had told me their plans for the future, which meant sweeping away everything I'd built up over the years, then I too might not be in the right mood to cook them a feast. Tom feels that he has to ring Brenda up for a moan. Unfortunately it is when she is particularly harassed at work and she snaps "Just chill out. How old are you – five?" Well said Bren.

Wednesday was the day of Bunty's funeral and once again, there was less mourning and kind words than we had for Wolfgang the llama. Speaking of the llama, Lynda decides not to burden David and Rooooth with the knowledge that they could have a potential source of TB living next door until if and when it is confirmed that it was TB that carried Wolfgang off. In the meantime, she moves the other two llamas away from land adjoining Brookfield, erects an electric fence and, for all I know, digs a moat and has the field patrolled by armed guards. Should TB be confirmed, I can't help thinking that David will be less than 100% impressed by the delay.

Loveable rogue Jazzer lost the 'loveable' bit when he paid one of his elderly customers a measly £250 for a vintage tractor. Ed had misgivings about the pathetic price, but Jazzer bought it and presented Ed with a fait accompli, telling him that they were doing the old girl a favour, as she can now have use of her garage. Why stop there Jazzer? You could really do her a favour – if you clear the house out of furniture and valuables, just think what she'll save by not having to buy contents insurance…

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