Sunday, 31 January 2010

The Things They Say…

The Cast

Here's a good game; listen to The Archers and pick out the odd phrase that you feel may have significance in the future, or a phrase which perfectly sums up a person's character. For instance, take these from last week….

The most in-character phrase:

"Oh Annette, do you think that's sensible?" (Helen to Annette)

One of these words is a lie:

"I'm quietly confident" (Lynda Snell)

As if you have that much choice...:

"Do I wanna be a cashier in a Bingo place?" (Susan Carter)

Delusions of adequacy award:

"They're all gonna need proper management" (Susan Carter)

The most truthful, but tactless, comment:

Susan (speaking of working in a call centre): "You have to be so bossy"

Neil (obviously without thinking): "You'd be good at that"

And the classic exchange between Annette and Helen, with Annette telling the truth and Helen inviting the 'want to bet?' response from the audience:

Annette: "Helen – don't be nice to me – you should hate me for what I've done."

Helen: "There's nothing you could do to make me hate you…"

Honesty award:

"I've made such a mess of everything" (Annette)

We hope you're right, but we have a sneaking suspicion not:

"It's over now" (Helen)

Not thinking down to the appropriate level:

Jim (talking to Eddie about Jim's plans for his bookcases):

"I'd like my collection displayed in some style…neo-classical…with cornices…"

Best indication that a new character will probably turn out to be a mass murderer/paedophile/arsonist or whatever:

Lillian (talking to Jenny about Paul; Matt's newly-discovered half brother):

"He seemed a really nice guy. Poor chap – he certainly wasn't after money. Paul's not a con man – he couldn't con you if he tried."

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