Sunday, 27 December 2009

And the PR Award goes to…

Philip Molloy (William Grundy)

Let's hear it for William Grundy, who managed to humiliate a paying customer on the shoot the other day, causing him to flounce off in fury. Where will it end? Brian has already told William off, but imagine if he became drunk with power…

Brian: Will, I want a word with you…

Will: Just a minute Mr. Aldridge while I finish flogging this beater – that'll teach you to have two helpings of venison stew. Yes Mr. Aldridge – I'm all ears.

Brian: It's about the guns on today's shoot –

Will: What about them?

Brian: Where are they?

Will: Well, let me see. Two are tied to that big oak tree in the top field –

Brian: What?

Will: - another two are being dragged up Lakey Hill behind the Land Rover as we speak –

Brian: Oh my God!

Will: - and three of the others have been thrown into the pond.

Brian: What about the rest of them?

Will: They ran off, terrified. But I managed to bag two of them with my shotgun. That'll teach them to pay attention when I'm giving out instructions.

It wasn't so long ago that Brian was desperate to get Will back from his self-imposed exile (another thing to blame Brian for) and he was singing his praises. However, he now seems to realise that Will has a chip on his shoulder the size of the Titanic's iceberg. Watch your step Will.

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