Sunday, 20 December 2009

It will all end in Tears

Anne-Marie Piazza (Annette)

Of course, I am referring to the dalliance between Annette ("bury me in a Y-shaped coffin") and Leon. However, let's not be sexist about this – after all, Leon did come knocking on Annette's door, bearing a bottle of white and a bottle of red (this boy takes no chances!).

"You really do it for me" the Aussie Lothario told Annette and, sure enough, later on she did. Let's be fair, she was drunk and Leon is obviously very good at what he does. On balance, he is more culpable than her, but he didn't really have to work that hard, did he? Having told her she ticks all his boxes (meaning, presumably, that she has a pulse) he decamped in the night. Quelle surprise!

And now we have the endless hand wringing and the whole, heavy guilt thing, as Annette agonises over what she has done. Will she blurt it out to Helen, or will Helen be suspicious of Leon when she realises that he has received 4,836 Christmas cards, all from women?

The thing that scares me is the thought that we could go back to the "Helen isn't eating" storyline if she finds out and I don't think I could stand that. The old adage "let sleeping dogs lie" seems remarkably apt for this situation.

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