Tuesday, 10 January 2017

So, Why Did Toby Go To Brighton? (Bonus Posting)

Rhys Bevan (Toby Fairbrother)

Toby Fairbrother committed the (to Lynda) ultimate sin of going to Brighton in the middle of the run of Mother Goose. Even worse, Toby (aka Priscilla the Goose) got stuck there and Pip had to take his part at short notice. This did nothing to improve Pip’s mood, as she was already pretty hacked off because Toby sprung the Brighton trip on her at the last possible moment.

His (somewhat implausible) excuse was that the Brighton thing is an annual boy’s get-together that had slipped his mind and he set off immediately after his panto appearance. We said in the weekly blog that this is extremely unlikely and I for one was disappointed that Pip swallowed such a load of guff so easily.

On his return, Toby is still in the doghouse and he tells Pip that there was more to the trip than the booze-up, as one of his mates (Stu) had gone through a messy romantic break-up and needed Toby to be there for him. I ask you - how likely is that? I submit that Toby is more likely to be the cause of a break-up and, if I were looking for someone to comfort me in my hour of need, then self-centred Toby would be one of the last people I’d consider.

However, Miss Gullible accepts this story; no doubt helped by the fact that Toby bought her flowers and a ‘I’m sorry’ card as well as arranging for a gin tasting experience and a night in a posh hotel. All signs of a guilty conscience if you ask me.

Actually, things don’t look too good for the Fairbrothers - while Rex is counting out Toby’s share of the geese money, he tells his brother that their father has decided to stop their allowance after February. Rex is amazed that Toby takes the news so calmly and, when Toby says that he has an investor in his gin business, Rex is bitter, saying that he’s wasted two years running around, working on Toby’s mad schemes and he’s got nothing to show for it. It’s a good job that Toby didn’t mention who his investor was (Miss Gullible again) or Rex would have gone gorilla-pooh.

Come to think of it, Rex could really do damage to Toby’s relationship with Pip, as we know that he knows the real reason that Toby slopes off to the South Coast every now and then. In fact, he lent his brother £200 the last time and Toby assured him that that would be the last time he needed to go to Brighton, which was patently untrue, as recent events proved. All Rex needs to do is have a quiet word in Pip’s ear and Toby would have some fast explaining to do.

So, what was it that Toby was doing in Brighton and why does he need to go there periodically? Having discussed this with friends, we concluded that, this being Toby, it’s a nailed-on certainty that a woman (or possibly more than one) is involved. A favourite theory is that he has a girl and a family in Brighton, but, if so, then surely Rex would have mentioned it - especially when Toby moved in with Pip?

Does he owe some gangster big time? Is he being blackmailed? Whatever it is, it has been going on for some time and, whenever whoever it is calls, then Toby responds instantly, with no argument.

What do you, our readers, think is going on? We would welcome your ideas and speculations - between us we might even hit on the truth.

Going back to the afore-mentioned discussions with friends, there was one idea that was put forward, which was that Toby is running a charitable hostel for homeless people and needs to go to Brighton every now and then to ensure that it is running smoothly. The person who suggested this is currently under sedation, as it was generally agreed that this is as likely as Lilian becoming a non-smoking teetotaller or Rob Titchener being put forward for the title of ‘Ambridge’s man of the year’ by the Archers at Bridge Farm.

We await developments with interest.


  1. My money is on Toby schmoozing some rich elderly woman (a distant relative or maybe someone he was 'romantically' involved with at some point) in the hope that she will leave him all her money. It seems to fit both what we know of Toby's personality, a womanizer always keenly aware of where his interests lie, and the pattern of his sudden absences: she calls him from time to time, asking him to visit or maybe wanting to talk about her Will and, as you pointed out, he instantly stops whatever he is in the middle of doing and rushes down to Brighton.
    Anyway, it's fun to have something to speculate about which does not involve Rob!
    A belated Happy New Year to both of you, and a big thank you for this blog which is always so enjoyable. Zoe

  2. No - he probably has friends in Brighton, but the reason Toby went stems, I believe, from a comment Pip made during a conversation with him some time ago. It was clear then that she envisaged a long-term, possibly permanent relationship with him, and judging by his very noncommittal reply, tone of voice, evident discomfort, I think that is not what he has in mind - he's hardly the type to settle down. It wasn't long after that that he suddenly felt so claustrophobic he had to escape, so with a very unconvincing story, he swans off to Brighton, failing to return in time for the panto, which is exactly in character and what one expects from Toby. He does what he wants when he wants, Pip is a bit of fun on the side, but is a temporary bit of fun, until he finds something or someone else that grabs his attention. Not a great chooser of boyfriends, is she?