Wednesday, 3 February 2016

100,000 Thank Yous!

Well, it’s been a landmark week, as our blog hit counter has passed the 100,000 mark! When I checked on Tuesday morning, the total stood at 100,911, which is great.

Neil and I would like to say a big ‘thank you’ to all our loyal readers for getting the number of hits into six figures and we enjoy reading your comments. By all means spread the word about the blog among friends and other Archers aficionados, as the more the merrier.

When the blog first started, hits were few and far between, but word eventually spread and the pace picked up a little. Over the past few months, we seem to have attracted a lot more readers and it’s good to know that we are reaching a wider audience and that you appear to appreciate our take on life in Ambridge. Any increase in audience numbers has been achieved by word of mouth and recommendation, which makes it all the more gratifying.

Some of you tell us what you think is going to happen with certain story lines and the clear current front runner is the Helen/Rob situation. If there is not some sort of resolution soon, I fear that some of our readers will march down to Ambridge (or the BBC) and take matters into their own hands.

Speaking personally, Rob has replaced Will in my personal Pedalo of Doom and, up till a few months ago, I would have bet large sums of money against anyone taking over from Will in that.

Anyway, thank you all once again and we hope you continue to enjoy our weekly summaries and the odd Bonus Posting. Keep the comments coming - it’s nice to know that our efforts are appreciated.


  1. I hope to be the first to congratulate you on the success of your Ambridge Blog.
    I always enjoy it enormously and it's very nice to see that so many other people do too. It's also lovely to see the comments getting more and more frequent.  In the first years, there were hardly any, but recently there have been several on almost every blog.
    Long may it last and many many thanks for the happy hours spent reading your blog.  It cheers me up no end.
    - Zoe

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  3. Great blog, tickled my fluffy tummy.

  4. Enjoying these blog posts a lot; please do stick at it! - Neale

  5. Great blog, really enjoy reading it. Currently providing a welcome vent for the Rob story -gahhhhh. Thank you both for this.

  6. Well, The person writing the Helen & Rob story line knows a thing or two about domestic abuse. This is following all the classic developments of charming turning into control freak, separating her, firstly from friends and now family. Any relationship counsellor knows the pattern. Oh I hope the writers don't drag out the agony for too long,; on the other hand, maybe all those listeners in abUsive relationships will recognise themselves and are brave enough to leave. This is the most dangerous time, so what, or who, will be Helen's salvation? By the way, men can sometimes be on receiving end.

  7. Keep up the good work and here's to many more blog posts (hopefully with Rob getting what he deserves)!