Sunday, 8 February 2015

Charlie Shows His Hand

Felix Scott (Charlie Thomas)

It seems like last week’s ‘we’ll agree to be just friends’ conversation between Adam and Charlie was a bit premature, as Charlie asks if Adam can come over and give him some advice on something. David, who Adam told about the request is indignant, saying “It’s a bit of a cheek, isn’t it – he sacked you.” Adam is relaxed about the whole thing, however, and goes to see Charlie.

There is some discussion about soil and Adam says “Surely you know all this already?” Charlie admits that he has never met anyone like Adam and his life to date has been work, work, work, encouraged by a pushy father. One-off dates have lost their appeal and Charlie feels ready to commit to someone. “Why are you telling me this?” Adam asks, thus showing that he can’t really be that clever. When it becomes obvious that Charlie is hitting on Adam, the latter reminds him that he has Ian. “So you’re just an old-fashioned one man guy?” Charlie asks. “Definitely” Adam replies, then spoils it by saying “If things were different…if I were free…then…”
And to think that only the night before, Ian was talking to Helen and said that the silver lining in Home Farm losing the contract was that Adam no longer has to work with Charlie Thomas. I suspect that the Adam/Charlie situation is not over yet.

I can’t believe that David and Rooooth’s move up north now looks like it will be in June. How long can they spin this particular story out for? Shula is the latest Archer sibling to have mentally spent her share of the Brookfield sale, as she tells David that she has plans for an equine swimming pool (and presumably spa and Jacuzzi). David advises her to wait until she’s got the money before she does anything. Ha! And this is the man who’s just ordered a £400 k robotic milking parlour!

While on the subject of milking, you can’t help feeling sorry for Ed – having extricated himself from money problems by selling four cows, Mike rains on his parade by telling him that he is having trouble selling the combined milk round and processing business and, if a good offer comes in for the round alone, he’ll have to think seriously about it. This news hits Ed like a kick in the groin and he phones Rooooth for advice. When she hears the whole story, she says that she doesn’t know what to suggest.

The week ends with Ed talking morosely to his cows, saying “You’re beautiful, I’m going to miss you; it’s time to go.” Dad Eddie comes in and Ed tells him it’s all over – he can either sell the cows off one by one or get out now. “I was a fool to think I could make a go of it.” Eddie asks what will he do? Ed says that he’ll probably buy a tractor and do contracting work – that will please Adam, who is looking for similar work himself. “You tried hard” Eddie consoles him. “Yes, I tried hard and failed hard” a disconsolate Ed answers.

Last week I said Jen appears to have rose-tinted spectacles when it comes to daughter Kate, but it seems that they might be getting cracked. On Monday Kate and Jen are having words about Kate’s attitude towards Phoebe and Kate says “I can behave like a mother”. “Then start doing it then” Jen snaps back. Phoebe has gone to see Roy to take his birthday card and he persuades her to stay and talk for a bit. Phoebe tells him about Lucas throwing Kate out and how she’s back for good. Roy isn’t happy (join the club Roy, but there’s a long waiting list) and Phoebe realises that both her parents are – how can I put this? – are bloody useless and she goes back to Home Farm.

Seeing Roy has made her late and Kate had planned to take her for a meal and a movie and starts to lay down the law. Phoebe tells her that she saw Roy and Kate explodes, saying: “He’s obviously upset you – stay away from him”. Phoebe says she’ll do what she likes and leaves the room. Kate tells Jen: “Roy’s set her such a bad example – no wonder she’s upset”. A stunned Jen is lost for words, then eventually tells her daughter: ”I sometimes wonder if you can actually hear the words that come out of your mouth”. That’s the ticket Jen – you’re on the way to throwing her out. If Jen doesn’t do something, then I can see Brian moving into a hotel; first of all he had the aggro with the kitchen, then Kate came back and now Jen has invited Lilian to come and stay and she has brought everything except the kitchen sink, as that’s not needed. Brian feels overwhelmed by the presence of females and takes refuge down the pub, no doubt reflecting bitterly on how much his drinks bill is going to increase now that his sister-in-law has come to stay.

We had a slight challenge by Helen to Rob’s manipulating and control freakery when she gets a phone call from Tina – Environmental Health inspected Ambridge Organics and found some items that were out of date. Tina is distraught and Rob seems surprised when Helen says that she has to go and sort it out. Of course, he wasn’t around when Bridge Farm nearly went under due to the e-coli crisis. Helen isn’t to be persuaded and goes to the shop. This will really annoy Rob, as only two days before he talked her out of getting a bit more involved in the shop (Pat’s idea, as it appears to be going to Hell in a handcart) and Helen agreed, saying “Thank you Rob – you know me so well.” Now she’s rushing off at a moment’s notice and, even worse for Rob if he knew, she tells Ian how much she enjoyed being at the shop. Rob won’t like it, Helen.

Finally, congratulations to Johnny for scraping his maths and English passes and I’d like to end by sharing with you a comment from a reader. Musing on the subject of Matt’s disappearance, he (or she) writes: ‘Matt may still return at some future date, though sounding oddly different than he did before ....’ I wonder where they got that idea from?

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