Monday, 14 July 2014

What Does Charlie Actually Do?

Everyone seems to agree that Charlie is a bit of a whizzkid, but when you get down to it, what does the man actually do? He just seems to turn up at all hours and put peoples backs up, telling them that Justin isnt happy about this or that and why is Adam wasting two or three hours a day sleeping? Hasnt Charlie got a proper job, or an office?

He did it again last week - Adam couldnt get away to accompany Ian to the wedding of a couple of friends (and Ian wasnt best pleased) and even Brian notices that Adam is working all hours, telling him he shouldnt let Charlie bully him. Ian and Helen meet and she says that Adam should stand up to Charlie Like Rob does, Hah!

At the start of the week, Pat is tipped off by District Councillor Martin Sykes that a planning application has been submitted for the second anaerobic digester. She immediately shoots off to Home Farm to confront Brian about it. He is unabashed, asking her why she thinks he ought to have told people and why is she objecting, as it will generate green energy? Presumably he is forgetting the fact that the waste will be trucked in by lorries.

Not everyone dislikes Charlie - Susan is quite taken with him and tells Rooooth in the shop that people should keep an open mind over the proposed new anaerobic digester until the open day (another of Charlies ideas). Rooooth tries to explain that Justin Eliots fingerprints are all over this scheme and he stands to do very well out of it if Route B is chosen. Susan pooh poohs all this and Charlie walks into the shop. Rooooth ignore him and leaves and Susan tells Charlie that she has been trying to put his side, but its an uphill struggle. Charlie says he appreciates having one ally in the village. Things dont look good if Susan is your main supporter.

But the road might not happen, as Lynda has found out that a copse on the proposed route is actually ancient woodland and is protected. How effective this protection would be against a fleet of bulldozers is a moot point, but at least its a bit of good news for the anti-route B campaigners.

As well as supporting Charlie, Susan has been having a go at Neil, because he is working too many hours at Bridge Farm and why doesnt he tell Tony and get something done about it? Neil is indeed knackered and takes refuge in the pub one night, where he nearly falls off a bar stool. At 10 oclock he decides to go home, saying If I walk slowly, with a bit of luck Susan will be asleep. Im surprised she doesnt nag him in her sleep. However, Susan is fed up of Neils supine attitude and has a go at Pat, especially when she learns that Tony is planning to spend £3 K on a new bull. Neil is distraught when he learns what his wife has done, saying How am I ever going to look Tony in the face again?

Peggy continues to be heading downhill - she tells Alice at Jacks grave that Witch Hazel has hijacked the wording for Jacks headstone (apparently Peggys name wont be on it) but she is too tired to fight her and has given in. As Jill says to Pat later, thats not like the old Peggy.

What else has happened? Jaxxs has been sold and Fallon invited to apply for her own job. She makes it plain to Jim that she is not at all happy and methinks the upcycling business venture has moved a step nearer, especially when Kenton suggests a stall at Loxfest.

It looks like Helen is going to meet Robs parents, as he phoned his Mum and invited her and his Dad down next weekend - hell put them up in Grey Gables. Helen immediately starts to panic, planning the menu and saying shell have to take a day off work. She also invites Pat and Tony to the meal, which will probably mean that she will never see Robs parents again if Tony is his usual, cheerless self.

David and Rooooth continue to discuss robotic milking and you will be delighted to know that they are going to look at one in action, which promises to make great radio. Pip has seen one in action and she thinks its great. Pity the only way they could afford one is if Brookfield is cut in half by Route B.

Shula, Elizabeth and Roy meet at the Stables to discuss what the Stables will do at Loxfest and, as they talk, the Strangles-infected horse escapes. Roy heroically captures it, hurting his shoulder in the process. Elizabeth drives Roy back to Lower Loxley, where they learn that they have got a headline act booked. Both are excited and Elizabeth says Its really going to happen, isnt it - Loxfest?Roy says Come here and we assume that they are hugging - or are they kissing? Whatever, they are interrupted by Freddie bursting in unannounced and he immediately goes out again, slamming the door. Elizabeth runs out after him, which should make for an interesting conversation when she catches up with him. Personally, I think she has brought it upon herself - if Freddie had been brought up properly, he would have knocked on the door and waited politely for a come in before entering.

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