Monday, 10 June 2013

A Pretty Neat Solution

I must admit that I had been growing curious about how the Lilian/Paul/Matt situation was going to resolve itself – would there be a fight between Matt and Paul? Would Lilian finally find out just what a control freak Paul was and leave him? In the end, the solution was a lot simpler than that, with Paul dying of a heart attack in a Cardiff hotel, which explains why he wasn't returning Lilian's calls.


Lilian learns of the (for her) tragedy when Darrell mentions it in the pub and she immediately goes to pieces and, sobbing uncontrollably, she is led upstairs by Jolene. Overcome with grief, Lilian tells Jolene that she and Paul were lovers and she says that she is going to keep the secret from Matt forever – "How am I going to live with that?" Well Lil, you've done a pretty good job so far – well, actually you haven't, as Matt knows all about it. Lucky it was Jolene in the bar and not Susan, as all of Borsetshire would be aware of Lilian's infidelity before you could say 'Kleenex'. You can tell how affected Lilian is, as later she even refuses Matt's offer of a G&T – if he wasn't suspicious before, that should get him going.


Paul's daughter rings Matt to tell him about Paul and he is full of concern – not for Paul, but because he wonders if Paul's death is down to Matt's pet thug, Mikey and he rings him. Mikey swears that Paul was OK when he left him, apart from being a bit nervous, and he points out, reasonably enough, that Paul was OK enough to get in his car and drive to Wales.


So there we have it - will things get back to normal between Pusscat and Tiger? Will they go to the funeral? Will Matt ever let Lilian know that he was aware of what was going on? Will Paul's spectre poison their relationship? We'll have to wait and see.


Rob Titchener is getting about a bit – after his victory in the single wicket, Brian packs him off to Germany to buy all the cows they have. Sadly, this isn't enough and he has collared Hungary's entire livestock market too. Why not buy the Bridge farm herd? Can you imagine Tony's feelings if his beloved cows were sent to live in Brian's mega-dairy shed?


Rob tells Jennifer that his wife Jess isn't having much luck in getting a job in the Ambridge area and Jenny mentions to Brian how sad it must be for him to have to go home to an empty house every night. Brian isn't impressed, presumably thinking that, for £60 k a year, he shouldn't be going home, but instead working 24/7. As it is, Rob gets an invite to dinner sometime with Adam and Ian, so he's not totally alone all the time.


In the middle of the week, Rob exhibits a lack of diplomacy that would have been worthy of Tom Archer, when he approaches David to see if the mega-dairy could put up an information board at Brookfield on Open Farm Sunday. David tactfully declines but Josh is amazed at his audacity and says it was a good job Mum wasn't there. Too right – had Rob asked Rooooth, he would have spent the rest of his life carrying his goolies in a paper bag.


Jim is still being mischievous with Jennifer, who cannot bear to even be in the same room as him, following his profile of Brian. One day in the shop, Jim and Lynda are talking and Lynda sees Jennifer approaching, but she changes her mind. "Pity," says Jim, "as I've got plenty of copies of Borsetshire Life in stock." "This really isn't worthy of you, Jim" Lynda admonishes. Mind your own business woman – I approve of anything that upsets Jennifer. Just get on with worrying about the Highland Games/Fete; a storyline that has all the depressing familiarity of the annual Christmas extravaganza pantomime – and we'll have the full horror of that before much longer, I'm sorry to say.


Elona and Peggy said an emotional farewell on Friday, with Peggy giving her a pearl necklace. Elona is overcome and the two talk about Darrell; Elona says she feels sorry for him, but it won't work. She also reveals that she's taking the girls to Open Farm Sunday as a last treat in their time at Ambridge. Wow! Open Farm Sunday! Just what two teenage girls would have asked for as a treat.


Jennifer (who, Peggy tells Jill, can be 'very organising') is still distraught that Peggy has no-one fixed up to come in and clean for her. Not only that, but Jen tries to get Lilian to persuade Peggy to have an agency cleaner. If you're that worried, woman, don the pinny and Marigolds and go and see your Mum. Peggy has interviewed Emma for the job, but Keira (who Emma would have to bring with her) is reaching for Peggy's china ornaments and tormenting the two elderly cats. On Friday Peggy rings Jen to say that she has found a solution – Emma will do the cleaning and Tracy will look after Keira while she does it – job done! Of course, this means that, when Keira goes to school, she will be the only one there who smokes, chases boys while effing and blinding and who has a drink problem – but hey! At least Peggy's house will be clean and that'll be one less thing for Jennifer to worry about.

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